Slingshot golf is a sport for all abilities to play.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional golfer or a high-level quadriplegic –ANYONE CAN PLAY.

To hit the long ball a golfer or their caddie uses a hand-held slingshot and once on the green uses a putting mechanism of their choice to get the ball in the hole.

History of the Sport

In 2004, Josh Basile was having the best summer of his life. He just finished his freshman year of college and was working at a dream summer internship in Washington DC. After work and on the weekends he was playing over three rounds of golf a week. Life couldn’t get any better!

That summer during a family vacation at the beach Josh’s life literally was flipped upside down. While in waist high water with his back to the ocean, a wave picked him up and slammed him headfirst against the ocean floor paralyzing him below his shoulders. His friends saw him floating and pulled him to shore. His dad immediately was notified and ran down to the beach. Josh asked his dad about their scheduled tee time set for the following day and if they could make it. His father a doctor took one look at the bend in his neck and told him, “Josh you really hurt yourself this time, we are not going to be able to play tomorrow.”

Even though Josh could no longer hold a golf club or walk a golf course, he did not let that stop him from finding a way to return to the sport he loved. In 2011, after watching a round of golf as a spectator with his dad, Josh dreamt of a pendulum putting mechanism that could rotate back and forth on a framed structure that could hit a ball. That morning he created the first working prototype and then soon after started coming up with ideas for hitting the long ball. The most accurate device that he tested was a hand-held slingshot. This is how slingshot golf was born.

Many rounds later Josh added a protractor to the shaft of the putter in order to make it easier to calibrate the distance and power of a given shot. With the two main devices in place, Josh then made detailed rules in order to make the game competitive. Click here to learn more about Slingshot Golf Rules.

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