How To Use A Slingshot

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Step 1

Position yourself

Golfer (within these steps refer to the player with a disability) positions about 10 feet behind the caddie. Golfer instructs the desired line and height of the given shot.



Step 2

Turn slingshot sideways

Caddie grips handle of slingshot with left or right hand and then rotates wrist so that the palm of the hand is facing to the ground and the knuckles should be pointing to the sky.

Step 3

Gripping it before ripping it

Caddie will then place a golf ball within the pocket of the slingshot and pinch the leather pocket surrounding the ball with thumb (on top of ball) and pointer and/or middle finger (on bottom of ball). When squeezing the ball should only come in contact with leather pouch not skin of finger.



Step 4

Keep the rubber bands straight

Caddie will then place a golf ball within the pocket of the slingshot. Golfer then instructs how far caddie should pull the golf ball backwards. A golf ball can travel anywhere from 1 foot to 165 yards depending on the strength of the caddie.

Step 5

We have liftoff

Once the golfer is satisfied with the line, height and pull back strength, will instruct the caddie to release the ball.



Step 6

Hole in one baby!

Golfer watches ball travel through air and land at desired location.