How To Use The Pendulum Putter

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Step 1

** “Golfer” within these steps refer to the player with a disability

Golfer** reads golf green slopes and distance by moving around the fringe of the green.



Step 2

Trust your gut, line it up!

After reading green, golfer then directs caddie to adjust the base of The Pendulum Putter left or right until the desired line is found. The white and black stripes on the putter head help when determining desired line.



Step 3

The ball is being placed…

Caddie places a golf ball in front of putter head.




Golfer directs caddie to adjust protractor ruler arm to desired degree. Each degree correlates to a different distance in feet.

Step 4

Calibrate your distance!

Step 5

Ready, Set …

Caddie grabs grip handle of putter and steadies The Pendulum Putter with hand on the top frame or with his foot on the base of the device.



Step 6

… Go!

Caddie pushes grip handle forward and putter head moves backwards. Caddie stops once protractor ruler arm points straight to the ground and then Golfer once satisfied says “release.” Caddie then releases grip handle and gravity takes over and putter begins to swing downward towards the golf ball.

Step 7

We’ve made contact!

Putter head strikes golf ball and caddie keeps hand or foot on The Pendulum Putter to prevent the device from moving during putter head impact.



Step 8

Watch it roll …

Golf ball moves away from The Pendulum Putter and towards the hole.

Step 9

Putter swings back and forth in a pendulum motion until caddie stops its momentum by gripping handle.



Step 10

… into the cup!

Golfer watches ball travel in or near the hole!